AWES has the workplace essential skills tools and services your organization needs

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES) provides workplace training that supports all aspects of a workers’ career path. This includes training trainers, assessing skills, uncovering gaps, developing programming and evaluating the results of our essential skills training.

Our goal is simple: for workers to have the essential skills they need to fully participate in the workplace, in their communities, and in their personal lives.

What makes AWES unique

  • We provide fully customized, relevant training to your organization because we listen first to what you need
  • We collaborate with employers and other partners
  • We view essential skills training through the lens of the employer and the employee
  • We know how essential skills can improve productivity, safety and the bottom line for employers
  • We understand how essential skills can help workers attain and retain employment
  • We develop a customized approach tailored to individuals and workplaces

The importance of essential skills

Jobs at all levels continue to increase in complexity. This means workers need to continue to build on their essential skills to evolve with their jobs and adapt to an ever-changing workplace.

Signs of a low-skilled workforce



Employer perspective

“A lot of our employees have never taken any formal presentation training and liked the fact that they were learning tools to make them into better speakers so that they didn’t become the kind of speaker that they didn’t enjoy listening to or learning from. We definitely would recommend this course to other companies.“

“The approach that AWES took was effective and has been utilized since. The practical and effective approach that AWES used prompted me to become more involved with the organization after the program concluded.”

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