Who We Are

Training Solutions to Increase Productivity and Workplace Capacity

The Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES) is a non profit organization focused on quality training, research and curriculum development. AWES clients can expect customized and specialized Essential Skills services. At AWES, we:

  • Conduct needs assessments to understand the processes, skills and culture of organizations.
  • Integrate workplace essential skills training into existing materials and operations.
  • Implement training solutions and evaluate the success of initiatives.

AWES works closely with leadership teams and individuals to define and achieve their workplace learning and development goals. We put ourselves in your world, as objective observers who can provide sound advice, innovative ideas and strategies to close essential skills gaps.

AWES is proud of our track record in implementing essentials skills solutions. Our project managers focus on effectiveness and efficiency in a world where both employers and employees are pressed for time. AWES frequently collaborates with other service providers to provide optimal essential skills services.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • AWES works in collaboration with employers and other partners 
  • AWES works through partnerships 
  • AWES views essential skills training through the lens of the employer 
  • AWES considers how Essential Skills can improve productivity, safety and the bottom line
  • AWES values a customized approach tailored to the workplace