Training and Job Skill Services

Organizational Workplace Essential Skill Needs Assessment

Essential Skills initiatives are most effective when training decisions are based on reliable data that is gathered by interviewing employees at all levels within an organization, conducting focus groups, job shadowing, and understand the workplace environment. We then work closely with clients to find practical solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. 

Curriculum Development and Training

We believe training should support both learner and organizational needs. Whether you are a leader, a professional, a tradesperson, an employer or employee, essential skills form the foundation for learning all other skills. They enable people to evolve with their jobs and to adapt to workplace change.

Our training team designs courses that fit within workplace schedules and which have clear, measurable learning outcomes and evaluation strategies. Our resource development team creates quality resources which are user-friendly, engaging and, whenever possible, freely downloadable. We like to share our best work.

Research and Development

We provide thorough, practical and accurate research that enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of Alberta's workforce, and respond strategically to essential skills training needs.

We use a range of research methods including focus groups, interviews and job shadowing to reach well-informed training solutions. Our research helps people to make decisions today and anticipate what will drive decisions tomorrow for a competent, adaptable and innovative workforce.

AWES specializes in the following research services:

Emerging Sectoral and Occupation-Specific Developments
See the Sustainable Solutions project for an example of this research.

Return on Investing in Essential Skills
See the Skilling Up project for an example of this research.

Better Practices in Learning
See the EWP Best Practices Practitioner Guide in our Tools and Publications page to view the product generated from our pan-Canadian research.

Online Learning for Improving Workplace Skills

AWES e-learning courses are supplemented with face-to-face workshops. Participants learn new content online through self-directed study and a discussion forum. In the workshop setting, the instructor provides personalized attention to individual needs and skill enhancement. This blended style of learning is the best of both worlds.

We offer the following courses using blended delivery:

  • English for Workplace Safety
  • Bridge to Frontline Leadership
  • Bridge to Project Management
  • Construction Safety Training System Study Guide: Strategies to help newcomers take the CSTS-09 course 2013